Volunteer Testimonials


"Serving on a ministry team helps my life have purpose. It brings me joy to know that I am needed and wanted to work in the Kingdom of God. I am blessed to belong to a huge family of servants that desire to please God. I enjoy serving on a Ministry Team because serving allows me the opportunity to use my gifts and talents to help strengthen and build the Kingdom of God."


"I enjoy serving on the ministry team because it strengthens my relationship with the Lord and brings me closer to Jesus through songs of praise! Since serving on the team, my life has been most impacted by the friendships I've made while serving. It feels so great to be a part of such a cohesive group of people who all want to use their gifts to advance God's kingdom."


Vocalist / Instrumentalist
"I enjoy serving on the worship team because it allows me to express the gift God has given me, give glory to Him, and encourage others to do it as well. Serving in the ministry has impacted me to grow my relationship with Christ and also spread the good news to more people!"


"What I love about serving in a ministry, is seeing people using their gifts to lead people closer to Christ. From the people greeting at the door to the people that clean up after each service, you see pure joy and happiness in knowing that they are impacting people’s lives and their experience at this church. Serving in a ministry has allowed me to see firsthand what God’s power can do in someone’s life. It has strengthened my personal faith in seeing God show up in people’s lives and change them. Sometimes I can see it happen right in front of me on a Sunday morning, there is nothing like it."