Our 10x10 Vision:

After twelve years of planning, preparation, and obstacles, on September 25, 2022, we opened our new adult worship auditorium. At the Grand Opening, Pastor Brian shared, Our focus on growth is what inspired us to spend millions of dollars, thousands of hours of planning, and years of construction. As much as we LOVE this incredible facility… We will not sit on our hands basking in a new building, but we will get to our feet marching towards the future in order to bring hope and healing to hearts and homes.

1. Our philosophy of stewardship inspires us to view our facilities as a resource to bless our community. Therefore, we will OPERATE this new auditorium beyond the Sunday worship experience as a community resource for gatherings of all kinds, including graduations, conferences, and concerts just to name a few.

2. Our passion to advance the gospel compels us to seek out new opportunities to reach people for Jesus. Therefore, we will INITIATE new venues, locations, strategies and partnerships that engages the unchurched.

3. Because more people look for answers on Google than the Bible, we will INNOVATE our online platforms to reach over 10,000 people weekly.

4. Because the next generation wants to use their life to make a tangible difference in the world around them, we will ACTIVATE 1,000 members using their gifts and skills serving others both inside the church and in our communities.

5. Because the church is always just one generation away from extinction, we will EDUCATE the next generation of church leaders by launching a seminary that will impact thousands of lives over the next several decades.

6. Moving our adults into the new worship auditorium was just the first step in our plans for our church campus. In our next phase of construction, we will RENOVATE the kids’ space to become a world-class children's ministry center.

7. As owners of the shopping center our desire is to be a blessing to our tenants and community. Therefore, we will UPDATE the Oak Ridge Commons shopping center to become a destination for families with athletic fields, walking trails, a coffee shop, food vendors, a park, and a chapel!

8. Oak Ridge has long been focused on loving our neighbors in tangible ways. Building on our community impact, we will FACILITATE monthly community give-back initiatives that demonstrate compassion and cooperation with our community partners in our new PEACE corner in the lobby.

9. Our church exists to bring hope and healing to the whole person. Therefore, we will ALLEVIATE the surging mental health crisis by expanding our CARE ministries that address anxiety, depression, addiction, and the myriad of disorders that are crippling hearts and homes. 

10. As a church that is focused on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, we will CELEBRATE 10,000 lives changed by the love of Jesus Christ!

We will do all of this not for ourselves, but for the global Glory of Our Risen Savior and to extend his kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven. We invite YOU to be a part of this dream.