Here at Oak Ridge, we believe that you- the parent, are the primary discipler of your child. Believe it or not, no one has as strong a voice in your kids’ life as you do. But today our kids are facing issues that we did not have to face when we were young- in some instances even thinking about bringing up these topics with our kids can be scary. It has left many parents asking, “What’s the right thing to do. . . What are the right things to say. . . what’s the right way to bring it up?”  With this in mind, we want to come alongside you and equip you to be as effective as you can be at instructing and preparing your child or student to do life God’s way.


Start Here:

Parenting Principles for Every Phase
In this course we will cover Biblical Principles that every parent needs to be the parent God is calling them to be, no matter what phase your child is in. Covering tough topics like discipline, spiritual development, and family culture, this course will give you the info you need to set a firm biblical foundation for your family. Once completed your family is eligible for a Baby Dedication or Family Dedication.

Go Deep With These:

Christ-Centered Parenting
Are you equipped to talk to your kids about today's cultural issues? Designed to help you lead your children and teens in a confident and responsible way, this 6-session resource will equip you to address topics children of all ages face, including:
· Gender issues
· Suicide, depression, and anxiety
· Pornography
· Addiction and coping mechanisms
· Same-sex marriage
· Singleness, dating, marriage, and divorce

Give your kids a biblical worldview that will produce the next generation of culture shapers - not simply the next generation shaped by their culture.

Facilitated by Pastor Gary and Kate McCabe from 7-8p, Wednesdays 9/14-10/19

There are limited spots for this in-person study. For more info and to request to join the class- email [email protected]

Christian Sexuality 
This video-based, comprehensive discipleship experience will help youth leaders, mentors, parents, youth and young adults engage in one of the most important conversations of our age.

Questions about sex, sexuality, and gender are some of the most difficult questions a parent can engage in today’s world. Christian Sexuality is the perfect tool to help you navigate these questions with your teens. Now more than ever your leadership and facilitation as a parent is incredibly important.

Christian Sexuality is a comprehensive, biblically based curriculum that integrates real life stories and expert commentaries about the Bible, our bodies and brains, and culture.

Some of the greatest challenges for a parent are the conversations surrounding sexuality and gender. YOUR VOICE MATTERS and it needs to be included in this dialogue. Let Christian Sexuality guide the way.

To get more info, or to join the course- email Pastor Gary  [email protected]

FaceTime: What Parents Need to Know about Technology, Social Media, Video Games and More
Does your son or daughter have a smartphone? Or maybe a tablet? With access to more and more technology comes the world of social media, video gaming, YouTube and more. As a parent, it can be hard to keep up with, much less navigate, what platforms your kids are using these days. In this extremely practical class, we'll introduce the most commonly used media outlets, explain the potential dangers of each, and give some practical suggestions on what you as a parent can do to help guide your kids. This on demand course is offered by a trusted pastor at Mecklenburg Community Church

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