Volunteer Testimonials


"I feel emotionally connected with other believers and spiritually renewed when I’m serving. As a greeter, it brings joy to my life to see and welcome newcomers and regular attendees. I find it most gratifying and spiritually fulfilling."


"I love to make people feel welcomed at our church. Serving people gives me happiness in my heart and makes feel closer to God."


"I enjoy welcoming people to Oak Ridge in the same way that I was first welcomed, with love, smiles, and open arms. Serving gives me a sense of purpose in the church, knowing I am a part of something much greater. This being the body of Christ. It's an honor to serve at Oak Ridge and I am thankful for all of the serving opportunities.


"I love serving in Guest Services because it gives me a chance to show people God’s love and to encourage them. Serving gives me strength knowing I have a loving church family who I know in my good times or in bad times cares for me."