"Being on a ministry team has made me want to be better, better for me, my team and all the students I'm serving. It makes me strive to be better all the time. I enjoy serving on a ministry team because I can be a role model and teacher for young believers. I can be the big brother I wished I had when was their age."


"Being a part of the preschool ministry has been as rewarding as it's has been enlightening. Not only have I had the opportunity to share and learn God's word and many bible stories I didn't know but I've been able to observe excitement from these kids as they do as well. The best part is when they've not only learned the memory verse or question but when they demonstrate that they understand the bible story and truly believe. Being here, and being part of a team again, actually feeling like a meaningful part of something so much bigger brings a joy like none other."


"I enjoy serving on the family ministry check-in team at ORBC because we get to be one of the first people to welcome and connect with the kids and their families each week. Serving in this ministry has largely impacted me and my faith through the community of women I serve with. These women have been there for me to encourage me, pray for me, love me, and hold me accountable for serving each week."


"I can’t wait to see the same kids every week. Their excitement at seeing me makes me smile and feel good. They are the best and make serving fun."