Winter/Spring Care Groups

Whether newly diagnosed, in the fight, or in remission, you are a survivor. As a survivor and a caregiver, we want to come alongside to offer support, hope and prayer. No one should go on this journey alone.
Finding Peace with Cancer is a care group providing emotional and spiritual encouragement for adults on their cancer journey, including caregivers.

An optional workbook for $15 will be available at your first meeting.

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Are you grieving the death of a loved one?
Could you use the support of others who understand what you are experiencing?

This group is designed to encourage and comfort you during this difficult time.

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Guidance to Finishing Strong
In this Care Group you will develop a plan to remain VITAL and fully engaged in a meaningful life as you age.
This plan will help you:
                *To be fully alive and finish strong
                *To finalize all your financial and legal documents
                *To make decisions about your accumulated possessions
                *To successfully adjust to whatever losses you experience
                *To prepare records of vital information for your family
                *To sustain a positive energy and good relationships
                *To provide clear end-of-life wishes and instructions
This Care Group is for everyone, no matter YOUR AGE!

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Learn your Love Style to understand how your childhood experiences inform what you expect from relationships, how you receive and express love, and how you respond to others in stressful interactions. Knowing your Love Style gives you a starting point from which you can grow to become a Secure Connector.

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Many focus so much on being loving and unselfish that they forget their own limitations. The ability to set clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

This group is designed to encourage you in setting boundaries in your life & defining what they are & are not.

Date coming soon.